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Lectures Date w/Quiz Video Slides Notes
Course Intro Aug 28 mp4pdf pdf pdf
Loads on Structures Aug 30 mp4 mp4 pdf pdflink
Statics and Force Vectors Sep 1 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Moment of a Force Sep 8 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Static Equilibrium Sep 11 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies Sep 15 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Cable Systems Sep 18 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Catenary Arches Sep 22 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Bridge Project Sep 22 mp4 pdf
Trusses by Joints Sep 25 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Trusses by Sections Sep 29 mp4 mp4 pdf pdf
Graphic Statics Oct 2
Pinned Frames Oct 6
3-Hinged Arches Oct 9
Load Tracing Oct 13
Lateral Stability Oct 20
Stress and Strain Oct 23
Elasticity and Deformation Oct 27
Cross-Sectional Properties Oct 30
Shear and Bending in Beams Nov 6
Shear and Bending in Beams Nov 10
Bending Stress in Beams Nov 13
Shear Stress in Beams Nov 17
To Engineer is Human Nov 20
Beam Deflection part 1 Nov 27
Beam Deflection part 2 Dec 1
Combined Stress Dec 4